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Why Use Our Gemstone Removal Process?

With today’s popular channel settings, cluster settings, pave settings, or roll settings, removing stones from rejected or unsold goods can be labor intensive and costly. Manually removing stones usually results in chipped, cracked, or lost stones; not to mention the high labor costs – that’s money down the drain!

So Accurate Group’s state of the art chemical processing facility at our Long Island City refinery can process your scrap goods that contain Diamonds and many other Semi-precious Gemstones. When extracting stones from finished jewelry, every carat counts. That’s why many of the largest jewelry manufacturers in existence rely on our gemstone recovery process. This procedure can even recover the smallest melee stones, thereby providing the greatest return on your investment.

The Process

Our technicians place each processing lot in an individual reactor to dissolve away the precious metals in a controlled chemical reaction. The gemstones are then filtered out of the solution, and put through another chemical cleaning process to remove any residue. Once that is completed, your stones are sparkling clean and ready to be sorted and returned to you.* The metals-bearing solution is then put through another chemical reaction to precipitate out the fine metals into a product known as “sponge”. This sponge is melted into bars and assayed for purity in our in-house laboratory. Within several short days your settlement is complete. As always, you are welcome to watch the entire process from start to finish.

CZ Frosting

We can “frost” or etch the CZs in your gemstone lot. This makes them easily identifiable and separable from the more valuable diamonds in your Lot. This process is completely safe for diamonds, but may damage any colored gemstones present. Therefore, it is best to ensure that you don’t include any valuable gemstones in your Lot when requesting this service.

*Please also note that Pearls, Opals, colored, and synthetic stones may not survive this chemical process intact. Color changes, chipping, cracking, or complete dissolution may occur with those stones.

Blinding Diamonds

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Don't Waste Your Labor Removing Gemstones By Hand

Let us save you TIME and MONEY with our gemstone removal process

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