Only Producing the Purest Gold

We sell .99995+ gold for all of your precious metals applications.
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How Green is your Gold?

See how So Accurate is committed to environmental responsibility and ethical refining.
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Gemstone Removal Services

We maintain one of the largest gemstone extraction operations in the country.
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Current Metals Prices

Refining Procedures

We use only the most advanced refining procedures to capture every last grain of your gold, silver, or platinum shipment.

Assay Analysis

We utilize only the most accurate and recognized analysis procedures for precious metals accountability.

Precious Metals Trading

We trade all precious metals, offering the most competitive prices to our customers.

Our Environmental Commitment

Conflict-free, and ecologically responsible refining. Read how So Accurate provides a commitment to the environment.

7 Crucial Questions You Must Ask Your Precious Metals Refiner

Do you know how to choose the right precious metals refiner for your scrap and waste metal products? This is an important decision, and it can have an impact on both the size of your return and the safeguarding of your precious metal assets. Regardless of who you... read more

For over thirty years we’ve been one of the nation’s most revered precious metals specialists; providing recovery and refining services for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds and other precious gemstones for the jewelery trade.

Larry Wilson & Sam Trencher

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When every last particle counts, trust your precious metals refining to the industry leader!
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